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Elogie Plant Boxes - Set of Three

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Product Details

Elogie Grimaud Plant Box Set of Three

Dimensions: H 40 x L 37 x W 37 cm
Finish: Natural

The Grimaud collection features a unique selection of old artifacts and items made from beautifully patinaed, recycled wood, adding warmth, soul, and history to any home. The collection includes lovely decor pieces as well as furniture, all bearing traces of a previous life and purpose. It's important to note that all Grimaud pieces are unique, so they may vary in shape, size, and type of wood.

Material: Recycled wood
Can carry up to: 50 kg
Measurements: H37/L24/W24 cm, H39/L30/W30 cm
Other information: Can be turned around and used as stool
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